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The European Netherlands purchased the FN M1922 from Fabrique Nationale in Herstal, Belgium, from 1926 to 1940. These are in 9mm Kurz and were stamped with the Dutch crest and “W” for Queen Wilhelmina. About 63,000 were delivered.(Vanderlinden, page 138-142). A few in the 63000-77000 serial range bear the German E/613 Army acceptance stamp on their left trigger guard web. These were likely captured on the FN production floor by the invading German Army and stamped with the German acceptance stamp at the FN plant in Belgium. The German designation for the captured Dutch Browning 1922 is 641 (h). The (h) signifies Holland. (Axis Pistols page 80-81)

Download Attachment: 1922D1.jpg
Figure 1. Browning 1922, serial number 63015, bearing the Dutch crest on the top of its slide. It is in caliber 9mm Kurz. It bears the E/613 German Army acceptance stamp on its left trigger guard web. It was likely on the production floor of the FN Browning Plant at Herstal, Belgium, when the plant was occupied by the German Army in May, 1940. It was subsequently stamped with the E/613 by German inspectors.

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Figure 2. Top, Dutch Browning 1922, serial number 63015. The crown over W crest stands for the Queen of Holland, Wilhelmina.

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Figure 3. Right side, Dutch Browning 1922, serial number 63015.

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Figure 4. Left side details, Dutch Browning 1922, serial number 63015. The German Army E/613 acceptance stamp is located on the left trigger guard web. The manufacturing inscription is located on the slide and Belgium proofs are located on the slide and frame.

Download Attachment: 1922D5.jpg
Figure 5. Right side details, Dutch Browning 1922, serial number 63015. The right side of the chamber bears Belgium proofs, the serial number, and CAL 9m/m.
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