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Hello I am the new guy on the block now. I just received my 1917 DWM luger and and looking to see the numbers/stamps/proofs a little better so that I can indentify what I have. Looking to see what you guys would use to view them better. I have seen pictures of almost white paint on the numbers. Also on my side plate I can not find a number as it seems a bit worn. I have only found one number that does not match and that is internal on the mag hold open I believe.

Some of the numbers are hard stamped and others seemed rubbed down or very lightly stamped. The DWM on the top toggle is only about 1/2 visable as it is either worn off or the stamping was light. The blue is good so the rubbing seems unlikey...or maybe an early re-blue.

Also looking for a decent book that would explain the differnt proof marks and just a overall good overview book that can be bought via barnes, Amazon etc...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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I recommend that you do not "whiten" the markings on your Luger. Appliction of whitening material is fairly tricky, takes some practice to do well. One can get wrapped up in whitening the marks and forget to really exmine the marks. Whitening can obscure details within markings, and can (in one's mind) de-emphasize faint markings while emphasising strong marks.

The best way to view your markings better is to use a stronger--and sharper--magnifier under a brighter light. I use a 35mm camera lens, 35mm focal length, held "backwards", that is, looking through the front or objective lens with the rear of the lens facing the subject. This gives a fairly wild field, and a sharper image than any simple magnifier I have seen.

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