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Just, because it might be interesting:

Mauser's patent Attorney R.H.Korn, Berlin, filed for his client, the Mauser-Werke AG in Oberndorf, a German Utility Model (in German: Gebrauchsmuster; abbreviation is DRGM) on November 29, 1930, describing/claiming a new feature of the broomhandle Mauser. This DRGM received number 1,308,603. I am enclosing scans of the first page and of the main drawing, which seems to be quiet interesting, allthougth I am no Mauser expert.

Comes from the micro film archive of German Patent Office; no better sacnas are available.
Anyway: hope, this is interesting....


Download Attachment: DRGM_1308603_C96_S1.jpg

Download Attachment: DRGM_1308603_C96.jpg
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