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This is kind of a strange broom. It is configured like one of the French "Gendarme" pistols, full size frame and bolo length barrel, but has the Mauser trademark on the left side panel. Some strange things about it though, it has 9 Steyr stamped on the left side, a three digit serial number and a very strange marking by the serial on the barrel flat, the bolt and the frame. I believe the 9 Steyr was added at a later date, but the odd marking looks original. I have never had a chance to pick up a 9mm Steyr round to see if it would chamber. It is 9MM of some type and the follower is milled out a bit on top, I guess to improve feeding.
Anyone recognize this mark? Or have questions/comments?

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French G. contracts start usually with 430 000 ore something.
They are supposed to be fixed together with parts still remaining in the Mauser factory (=>Broomhandle Forum) Nobody could answer me why they are called French Gendarme right now.
The fact that there is a Mauser Logo on the frame is making me wondering - Mauser Logos are normally only on late brooms from the 30ies , mod. 711 Schnellfeuer 712.
I have never seen that mark beside the crown U mark!
The caliber 9mm Steyr is unusal as well ( rebarreled ?)


Have posted my own French Gendarme a while ago:

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