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Hi-Power - 9mm.

2 magazines - Magazines indented to limit capacity to 10 rounds, to comply with Canadian law. Both magazines are stamped on the back, near the bottom with the letter; J.

Serial No: 163106 (Shown on right side of Frame & Slide & on Chamber Hood)
No other markings on Right Side.

Left Side Markings:
W8A140 on slide & Frame over trigger guard.
Nazi Eagles on slide & frame nearby.
MR on upper front trigger guard.

According to FN Browing - Armorer to the World - by Gene Gangarosa Jr. this pistol is the 3dr. variant produced under the occupation. Serial numbers ran from 145,00 to 210,00, then changed to 01a to 100,000a and then to 01b to 63000b, for a total of 228,000 pistols. My pistol still has the magazine safety disconnect, although the Germans insisted on removal of this feature during the production of this variant.

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very very pretty the national socolist hp is my favorite pistol i carry a dipped tangent as a carry weapon,would any body know when the a suffix started i was told 42 then told 43 i would like to know i bought one from g&g relics am waiting for delivery thanks.

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The ystarted at or around serial number 50,000 in June or July of 1940. Went to at least in the area of serial number 212,000. Then the had an 100,000 in the "a" suffix range, and approximately 65,000 or so in the "b" suffix range as they lost the factory to the allies in 1944. 1942 seems to be the approximate start for the "a" suffix range.

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Hi All,
* Maybe this previous post will help:
* To this I might add:
(1) We know from documented reports, the Germans seized the "Werk Lutich" plant on 20 May, 1940 & had evacuated the FN factory by 6 Sept., 1944. My guess is the Germans probably spent August stripping the plant and loading machinery onto trains with little outright production other than final assembly of parts & sub-assemblies already produced.
(2) The reference cited say production of the 640(b) was 8,500 units in 1940, starting at approximately S/N 50,001, and 65,700 pistols were produced in 1941.
(3) Stevens, ibid, Pg. 80 states "The CIOS reports a total production of 80,600 HP pistols for 1942, at least this is what Monsieur Laloux reported to them; but, research indicates that this figure might be low by as many as 10,000". Also, the same reference/page goes on to say "pistols have been examined bearing........straight numeric serial numbers in the 212,000 range".
(4) Anthony Vanderlinden, The Belgium Browning Pistols, Pg. 192 states "In 1943 production was speeded up and serialization of the pistols was restarted with a letter suffix per 100,000 unit share. Under the High Power pistol production two suffixes were used; a and b. The last pistol being manufactured under the occupation surpassing number 63000b."
* Most collectors/authors accept a total of 319,000 Nazi marked HP's during the occupation. It is relatively unclear whether possible S/N gaps and Crown/N marked "commercials" are included.
* I welcome you to assess your own monthly production rate and approximate month of production of your examples from the information above. You'll be guessing like all the rest of us; but, this simplified data should at least get you into the "ballpark".
* Trust this helps. Additional documented data from Forum members would be appreciated.
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