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Browning HP - Nazi

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I encountered this interesting Browning HP. Never saw one before. ch is a code used by FN during the Nazi occupation - and the gun certainly isn't new.



Anyone have a comment? Jan?

Bob Adams
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I haven't seen a Nazi hign power like that before. What is the serial number and other markings?

Jan C Still
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Is this the one that has a serial number of 477 (with no suffix)?

Charlie: You are right - serial 477 - except it is an "a" suffix. The suffix is very faint, but it's there. The gun appears to be a rework of some kind. Doesn't look to be made this way - unless it was made up from rejected parts. The craftsmanship is horrible.

Jan: Serial is above, and you can see the proofs on the closeup photo. It only has the Eagle test proof. No Waffenampts that I can find. Next time I strip it, I'll see if there are some internal proofs. Finish looks real, and it's got some age to it. Bill Drollinger knew about this example from a long time ago, so it's not a new creation. It looks real to me, but it's certainly not the configuration we are all familiar with.

Bob Adams
Just checking, but, the frame proof, just above the trigger, almost looks like an E/C. I'd look it over with a magnifying glass.

No, it's clearly a test proof. No "C" connected with the proof.

Bob Adams
If it would help this gun was recently imported from Europe and more directly was purchased from a fellow who lived in Beligum.

Hi Bob,
I have an idea on what it is. Is there an MR (MI) on it? Anything else?
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