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OK, just recieved the pistol today, but have had the holster for several months now. I got the holster from Bulgaria. The guy that sold it to me told me it was for the Walther. I dont thank Bulgaria used the walther. Any comments on holster and pistol. The holster I have seen in some pictures of German and Bulgarian Officers together. Any ideas on the writing inside? How early the contract on the Star?? And ideas on the Stamp of the 20 and 33 in a box?? or 3 in a box with double strike?? I have M95 Steyr rifle with same 3 and 20 in a box, and comments????

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In the pis the Bulg.Officer had this buckle on

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Ink stamp iside the holster means Nedko Popov and in my opinion is it the owner name. Other stamp I cannot read. To ink stamp decrypt I use Ultraviolet Light - common "money detector". Results are very good!

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Hi Fogman,

the shown holster is a Bulgarian Luger ( P.08 ) holsters of what there are many different models.
The Star B was delivered to the German army with a run of 2500 pistols in 29 May 1944.
The fact that the weapon still disposes the WaA 251 acceptance stamp is astonishingly because the weapons usually became the WaA D20 stamp in this serial number area.


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I would like to see the magazine of the Star B inside the holster's magazine pouch in order to tell you whether or not it is for the Star. I have been told that there are these "Bulgarian" holsters for the Star but do not own one myself. If you can show us another picture which one can see that the magazine is inside the pouch it would help answer the question as to what the holster is for. The waffenamt proof of 251 is out of range. IMHO, I would not have purchased this weapon without some further homework being done, knowing that WaAD20 proofs have been faked on this variation previously.

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quote:Originally posted by fogman7

It is a nice piece and historic piece wheather or not the WaA251 is a fake,it does not matter to me,it was still a bulgarian pistol,STILL A NICE PIECE
Hi Derek,

As previously discussed with you, there are indeed "20-in-a-square" stamps on some of my M95s, which may suggest Bulgarian service.

The inscription inside the holster - the name is indeed Nedko Popov, a typical Bulgarian name. However, the orthography is post-1947, when the hard sign at the end of the word after a consonant was dropped. Pre-1947 spelling would be (switch to Cyrillic) Íåäêî Ïîïîâú. Which is good - it suggests it was used after the war.

Last, but not least - the belt buckle. The inscription is Fidelity and Persistence (or Permanence) (Âåðíîñò è ïîñòîÿíñòâî), which simply doesn't sound like an Army or other service issue. It probably belongs to a paramilitary organization, like Brannik and Legion, but I have to do some research to check what their creed/slogans were.

Really nice finds, though - congratulations! HTH
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