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Let me present my idea of an example of a respectable Black Widow [ if I may be allowed to use this terminology ] luger and its holster. Nothing new here but a tad on the side of being proper but unique at the same time.

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275.19 KB If one will look at my 1942 Black Widow rig on another posting, one will discover that the essential components, namely the hold down strap and belt loops, ALONG with the inside stiffening back wall is of cowhide, this 1941 example however has a pigskin inside back wall that will be found only on 1941 holsters.

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257.14 KB Somehow or another, I would like to have thought that this was retrived from the inside of no less than a King Tiger tank that was disabled by thirteen Shermans. It is a fitting trophy !! Most likely it sat on a shelf somewhere back in Berlin.

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Lest someone asks to see what the grips are like and the magazines, before I put it away, here are the photos;

Download Attachment: DSC01977.jpg

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242.54KB While we have two threaded holes with each threaded hole at the bottom of each side of the grips, the grip screws screw into each of the two holes.

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Unfortunately, it is the way that it came. I can only assume that it was put there by the GI but it certainly wasn't me. Normally , some embellishment was pinned to the holsters by the capturing party from the soldier who was either captured, killed, or discovered dead. Instead of removing the pin , I elected to keep it on as otherwise I would have two pin holes to contend with.
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