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My wife's cousin left an estate with quite an impressive gun collection recently. I was fortunate enough to buy this 1941 Luger very cheap, and it seems to be all-matching, down to the grips, oh with the exception of the magazine. I have shot it a few times, but decided to put it in the safe.....I'm scared something may happen to it. On the front of the frame, under the serial #, is a suffix, a lower-case "s". The serial # is in the 9000 range, and the acceptance stamps are the 655's. Any ideas on its value? I believe it was manufactured by Mauser since it's marked byf....I'm not in the market to sell, as it will become my son's one day, but I am curious regarding a value.....should I just shoot it or keep it locked away??

By the way, how do you determine it's finish as 90%, 95% etc?? Just the percentage of bluing left?


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Seems in nice shape, can we see more pictures? Top, both sides, etc. BYF is the code for Mauser, and it was made in 1941. There were approx 126,000 made in that model, that year, so it is not rare. But If all matching, no reblue, pitting, etc., they can be worth $1200-$1500, more in better shape as the nazi era lugers sell well to collectors and others.

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