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gun shoppe near were i live has a byf 42 all matching 96% no pitts black plastic fxo marked mag. with holster very good condition on consiment. holster has a seral number on it no waffin marks that i could see, family of decesed vet selling 1500 firm. i passed should i go back an get it i am new to lugers collect so called assult weapeons. i offerd 1200 was turned down. thanks

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Lugers can be expensive, and it is best to be really sure before plunking down $1500. I sure am not an expert in this field, but here is some basic info that might help?

On Simpson's website, they list the following:

M-48 MAUSER BYF 42, 98% blue, excellent bore, excellent grips, a nice byf,
s/n 45xxg 9mm C4315 $1595.00
M-50 MAUSER BYF 42; 95% blue, excellent bore, very good grips
s/n: 1xxh 9 mm D4462 $1395.00
M-51 MAUSER BYF 42, 98% blue, excellent bore, excellent grips,
s/n 15xxl 9mm C4583 $2000.00

So from this small range of prices, you can see that they feel the going price is a bit less.

But, take into account that with a holster, you could add around $125- $150, maybe more, depending on the type of holster.

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