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Just bought my first C96 and I'd appreciate some help. Is it possible for a Mauser to have an Imperial Japanese Chrysanthamum stamped on it? This seems to have one, unless I'm mistaking it for something else. Also, along the backstrap is KOLUZ37. Haven't been able to find anything about that. It has the Mauser marking in front of receiver, and on right side. Milled panels. On the frame in right below the barrel is what I believe to be a pistol proof (capital U under a mark) and an S sorta lying on its side or diagonal to the other mark. The serial range, according to what I could find, puts it in the 1910-1914 range(32xxx). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I believe that C96's used by Siam (Thailand) had a stamp on
them that looks very much like a Chrysanthumum (sp). If it is
Siamese it should have some squiggly markings which are numbers
on it as well.
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