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I've come across a double barreled .320 pocket pistol that is Crown "N" marked but has no manufacturers data on it. I presume it to be German and a between the wars item, but would like some help identifying it. I don't know how to post photos on this forum, but would be glad to e-mail scans to anyone interested. This is a small side-by-side double barreled piece, that breaks right behind the breach just like a shot gun with a extracter between the barrels. It has large elongated trigger guard with 2 triggers front and back and a finger rest on the rear outside of the trigger guard. There are 2 externally cocking hammers. It has a long, rounded wooden one piece grip that is partially split by the back strap. Each barrel has 4 distinct and surprisingly good lands. Do any of you have an idea of the origin of this one???
Thx, Lyn
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