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First off, I am a total noobie when it comes to gun collecting. I will try to explain everything I can about the pistol and hopeful someone can help me identify it.

I will post pictures in a later post if needed.

8,82 Luger
Magazine has wooden end (pardon my lack of correct terminology)
DWM inscriped on top
The same number is on every part '65'. In some cases the full number is listed (6265). No german letters appear anywhere, note though that parts of the pistol are quite worn, I could just be missing something...

The word 'Gesichert' is not whited, but the small indentation next to it is red.

I have found no other markings on the luger

I noticed in some other forums that a number can be found on the magazine as well, where is this number supposed to be? I do not see any number on the magazine at all (probably never had one)...

Let me know if any more information is needed or if the above is enough.


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Welcome to the forum, Eric.

Yes, posting of pictures is essential to obtaining comprehensive answers about your Luger.

Basics: You have a 9mm DWM Luger, and the magazine should have a wooden bottom. If it is a military Luger the wooden magazine bottom should have the gun's full serial number stamped there.

If you can't get pictures right away, the following would be helpful:

Is there a date over the chamber?
What is the barrel length?
Do the side plate and locking lever have serial numbers on the sides or bottoms of the parts?
Does the Luger have a stock lug?

There are lots of other questions, but this will get you started.


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Let me add my welcome Eric!

The 4 digit number is your serial number, and likely under the number is a suffix (a scripted letter), this is sometimes hard to figure out what it is.

The 8,82 is the land to land measurement of the caliber of the weapon, they range from 8,81 to 8,85 I beleive.

On the left is possibly a marking that would be a proof or acceptance marking, but more likely is on the right of the receiver are 3-4 marks, they will either look like crowns with a letter under it, or a eagle or dove with a number under it.


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Thanks for your answers so far.

The attached pictures should help some more.

Closeup of side

Download Attachment: side1.JPG


Download Attachment: top1.JPG


Download Attachment: back1.JPG

And answers to some questions:
I think there is a letter under the serial number on the barrel, it is extremely hard to read, but I think it is either an e or a b.

Also on the side, you can kinda make it out in the picture, is an eagle or bird like thing, I do not seem a number under it however.

The magazine does have a wooden bottom, there are some extremely faint numbers on the wooden block, they do not seem to be stamped in, they look almost inked in (could just be the wear though).

Let me know what other pictures/information would be useful.


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Eric. Let me add my welcome to the Board. Thanks for posting some pictures. It looks to me that the gun has been refinished at some point in time. More pictures or information as requested will help provide you with more information.
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