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This is a china duplicated type 52 "Police Pistol", it was first officially manufactured in 1952. 7.65mm caliber. Its production ceased officially in 1960s.

Ironically, it was not widely used by chinese police in 1950s, instead it was used by some agents and VIP bodyguards.

In my opinion, I agree with the point of

"Others say: no need to worry about those machines. Give the Chinese any sample and they will make you a 1:1 copy. "

As the communist China was an expert of duplicating foreign weapons. like M1911, Thompson SMG, Soviet and Japanese series and so on.

Personally, I am a chinese. SO I have many chances to read some document released by china official media. According to those sources,originally the Chinese government wanted to produce a concealable pistol tailor-made for law enforcement units in 1950. They had considered a series of captured pistol specimen including FN brownings and colts serieS, walther pp,ppk,Mauser 7.65,S&W revolvers,Spain Astra,French Uniqus and so on. (There were hundred types of pistols available in China,especially from the various colonical police units in Shanghai in 1930era.)

Finally, they chose walther PPK and re-named it as Type52 "Kung Hon"(Police) Pistol.The point was due to its superiority on different aspects and more importantly~~~ its 7.65mm caliber, which was very popular in China. This eased the trouble of ammo supplies.

Practically,due to the low level technology and lack of resources in China in 1950s, the quality of the TYPE 52 pistols produced was generally bad. With a crude appearance and low-quality handle. Strictly speaking, they just like the pistols manufactured from the home-arsenals in Pakistian.(Perhaps they were in fact)
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