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Christmas was early - 1937 S42

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Thanks to the good advice if several on gunboards.com I picked up my first Luger today. A 1937 S42. It is in pretty nice shape for it's age - it is not re-blued, original grips and all-matching but for the magazine. There is some light pittling on the barrel as if it were stored in a damp holster. The bore is very nice. The magazine has an aluminum end and is stamped 9114 with the "63" waffenamt. It needs a good cleaning. I will post pictures when I get home. Not bad for $400 I think.

Thanks for your help.
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Look forward to your photographs.
Here we go. . .

from the side -

Download Attachment: s42 side.jpg

and the top -

Download Attachment: S42 top.jpg

I disassembled it and alll parts match, even the grips.
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Looks nice, sounjds like a real bargain for $400.

BTW, can you change your profile to display your real name. It is a requirment for this board.

Thanks, and I meant to say earlier, it looks like the luger bug has bitten you? Easy to do, a bit expensive, but a great hobby these old guns.

For you suffix guys, is this an "X" or a "K"?? Maybe another letter?

Download Attachment: MVC-738F.JPG
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It is a Z.

Go to post below for details(near end).
First Luger - 1937 S42 Captain Emo http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3358
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