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Cleaning and assembly of a Menta

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I had my FATHER'S "WW2 souvenir" added to my pistol permit. Its a 7.65 7 shot Menta. I have fired it and the 3rd or 4th round invariably stovepipes, whether using Magtech, Winchester or American ammo.
Is there a link to dissassembly and most importantly, REASSEMBLY?
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Dear Art:

When you said pistol permit, it rang a bell since I also reside in New York.

I posted information on a Stenda I recently purchased above under "New Collectors Board". You may want to read and see the pictures.

It is my understanding that these two pistols are basically the same pistol except that the Stenda is a commercial model had an improved take down. Do a search of Stenda and you will find the information on your gun by Jan Still.

I am not sure how to field strip your Menta but I learned the hard way with my Stenda. Luckily all parts were found.

There are others on this board that own Menta's and are in a better position to answer your question.

However, here are my two bits worth.

There is a hole on the left side of the receiver. I would think that you would need to insert a drill or small wood dowel into the hole to release the barrel. Once that is done, you would pull the slide back and lock the safety on the slide to hold the slide open. Once that is done I would guess you would need to push the barrel backwards towards the rear of the pistol and lift it out of the slide.


Do the reverse to assemble. Hope this information helps and the best of luck.

Art, this is only a guess and I would suggest that you confirm this when someone answers your question who knows the exact procedure on a Menta pistol.


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This provides my previous attempt at getting help and some pics.
Dear Art:

Based on you last posting, you must be a residents of New York where the cost of gun ownership is very expensive and where the Clintons reside.

After giving the matter much thought, my guess is that you will need to knock the pin out on your Menta to release the barrel. I sure wish someone who knows would post a message advised how to field strip a Menta as this is killing me not knowing how to do it! I guess I better keep an eye out for a Menta so I can figure it out myself. They appear to be a neat pistol.

Good luck and please let me(us) know how you make out. The best of luck.


Thanks George,
Not only NY, but Long Island where Chuckie and Carolyn McCarthy reside. (I disavow the carpetbagging Clintonistas.) 300 smackers to get a pistol license started here, then ten bucks a gun to register. All that and its restricted to hunting (only upstate, down here its just bow and shotgun slugs) and target ranges. But hell no, I'm not leaving- not with the fishing, surf, seasons, etc.
Sorry, but I couldn't find any disassembly instructions, either.

Just an observation from my own experience:
The gun comes apart easily enough once the slide pin is
driven out. The problem for me was that the pin was very
stubborn to get back in. Experimenting with different
fore & aft positions of the slide (eventually) got it
back into place. Difficult, but not quite impossible...

It's no wonder that the post-war Stenda's did away with
the trouble prone takedown system of the Beholla & Menta!
The Stenda is a breeze to field strip. Once the slide is locked back, just push down of the barrel release button while pushing the barrel backwards and the barrel comes right out.

I was surprised with the fit & finish on this Stenda. I would have thought that a pistol made in Suhl Germany in the mid 1920's would be of a higher quality. Don't get me wrong, the pistol is well made just not the same quality as prewar Walther's, Mausers & JP Sauer & Sohn pistols I own.


Download Attachment: DCP_9788.JPG
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Although I still really need to find out how to disassemble this pistol, just wondered- could my 3rd or 4th round jams been from "limp-wristing" this blow-back pistol??
quote:Originally posted by pequa1

Although I still really need to find out how to disassemble this pistol, just wondered- could my 3rd or 4th round jams been from "limp-wristing" this blow-back pistol??
Disassembly instructions can be found on pages 15 & 16 of German Handguns
The complete Book of Pistols and Revolvers of Germany, 1869 to the Present by Ian V. Hogg ISBN 1-85367-461-3
The pin must be driven from Right to Left.
Retract and lock slide to rear.
Protect muzzle and tap barrel to rear to release dovetail section beneath the breech from its mounting in the frame.
Barrel can now be lifted clear.
Dear Art:

Go for it. Knock the pin out and lock the slide back with safety and pull the barrel up and out. Don't forget to depress the trigger to take tension off firing pin and you will be happy with results.

I own various automatics and reload. Yes it is possible that with a limp wrist that it may cause the problem you described.

It may also be due to the .32ACP ammunition you are using. My feeling is that the rounds you are firing are not recoiling the slide rewards enough thus catching the spent case.

If you reload, up the powder charge on the load per your reloading manual and not to exceed the maximum load.

I would try a premium brand ammunition like Federal or possibly Fiocchi and see what happens.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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