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Cole Dist. unmarked Luger ID?

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I inspected a Luger at a pawn shop. It was either black or had a very deep blue. There were no markings on the top of the frame/receiver in the area that would typically have the date. It appeared to have been ground down. There were a number of Imperial markings. The grips were a black plastic with longitudinal grooves. Is this one of the post-war French put-togethers that they issued to their troops, especially the ones in their colonies? Shop is asking $550. Is that a reasonable price?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Mark, glad you made it onto the forum! Welcome.

If the date was ground down, and with imperial markings, it could be one of many things.
**Captured by a vet from WW1
**Sent over during the weimar era and sold here as surplus
**Brought back by a ww2 vet
**Brought back here after ww2 and was in parts or pieces and put together as surplus.

The French story is the least likely and without proof, unbelievable.

The price is about right for most of the coutnry as a "shooter". However, it is smarter to pay another $200-$300 and get an actual low-end collectable that you can shoot and will also rise in value over the next couple of years.

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Mr My Crazy Brother, the description you give of the grips would lead one to believe the pistol to a rather recent import of a Russian capture pistol that was in service during WWII.

I agree with Ed regarding the wisdom of buying a Luger with potential for increased value. If you just want a shooter, offer them $475 flat and see what happens.
Agreed. The price is much too high for a parts gun. I think that you can buy a decent shooter, non-matching, with good original markings for $600 or so.
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