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Collection Grade

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I often see the description of a Luger as "Collection Grade." Excluding rare Lugers, is there a consenses as to what characteristics determine that it is of collection grade?

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I think it differs with each collector Bruce.

I personnaly do not mind a well used gun, but as with most colelctors, I would say, any gun over 90% bluing is getting there and 95% is to me a collection grade gun. This is in addition to a nice bore, nice or nicer grips and strawing hopefully on a luger.

Overall orginality is the key for a collector piece I beleive.

Bruce.... I would pretty much agree with Ed on the 95% and above. Personally, I would probably throw in a matching mag on the more common guns like military Mausers (S/42, 42 code, byf) but would not be so picky on Krieghoffs. Just my 2 cents.
Ed mentioned "Overall Orginality". To me this means that all the parts that should be numbered, are. Many times the external parts are matched, but some internal parts are not. It is important that one knows which parts should be numbered for the era of the Luger.

For an example, the main toggle pin is numbered on Mausers, but not on DWM and Erfurt Lugers!!

Only study and experience can teach these lessons!!

Regarding your post on "Overall Originality", in which you state: "For an example, the main toggle pin is numbered on Mausers, but not on DWM and Erfurt Lugers!!"

This aroused my curiosity, so I went to the data sheets that I maintain on all the pieces in my collection, and sure enough, all the Mauser main toggle pins were numbered, and the DWM's were not!

If I ever knew this, I guess that I had forgotten it. Thanks for the "Heads Up". I guess you CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

Thanks again,

Hi Charles! Thanks! This "Old Dog" is still learning new tricks!!! And I must say, enjoying every minute of it.
By Jove, you're right. The pin on my 1918 Erfurt is un-numbered. Had no idea Mauser numbered the thing.
The instruction requiring serial# stamping of the rear toggle pin was issued March 1932.


Thanks for the information! I've copied your post indicating the date of the instruction, and will keep it for reference with my copy of Third Reich Lugers.

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