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Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend-any other Mauser Parabellum collectors going?

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The CGCS is this weekend in Greeley, not far from my home in Fort Collins.

I've liked Lugers since the 1960s and specialize in Mauser Parabellums.

Are any other collectors planning to attend?

If so, let me know, we could visit for coffee, compare notes and perhaps talk about mutually helpful trades or sales of these pistols and accessories.

Best regards, Joe.

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Yes, it is common to find hairline cracks in the magazines. I'll attach a more extreme example from a gun I got from Simpson, Ltd-it had been stuffed into the styrofoam spare mag slot so I did not know until I removed it. I would also caution buyers to look out for grip screw distortion which is ugly and may indicate the grips were shot loose. I have not fired any of my Mauser Parabellums, none of mine seem to have been fired since the factory tests.
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I can’t go to the show, but I would ask y’all to watch for CZ 24s that are unit marked. I have a 2 “P” marked pistols and one “Z” marked. Illustrative pictures (not mine, just ones I harvested of the ‘net), and below those partial list of unit marks. If you see one of these I’d love to get a pm so that I could get with the seller on a possible deal.

View attachment 711957
View attachment 711958
View attachment 711955
View attachment 711954
View attachment 711956

CET (Police)L (Air Force Regiment)UA (Czech Army Driving School)
CSD (Railroad)NB (National Security )V (Motor Transport)
CSP (Postal System)P (infantry)UZ (Sapper Training Facility)
D (Artillery)PZ (Medical Company)C (
DR (Cavalry > January 1, 1936RID (CZ factory)VCHU (Military Chemical Weapon Depo)
FS (Customs or Ministry of Finannce)SNB - National Security
H (Mountain Infantry)T (Signal)
HN (Border Guards / Infantry)URO - Centrsl Board if Trafe Unions
HZNS (Main Engineer Storehouse)UV - Atmored Regiment
J (Cavalry < January 1, 1936)VA (Military Academy, Hranicich)
Z (arsenal / main storehouse)
ZL (railroad)
I'm returning this afternoon, I'll try to help, Joe.
Thank you!

Sorry, the only CZ24 at the show was made during the occupation, needless to say, no unit markings, Joe.
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