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Colorado Gun Collectors show this weekend-any other Mauser Parabellum collectors going?

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The CGCS is this weekend in Greeley, not far from my home in Fort Collins.

I've liked Lugers since the 1960s and specialize in Mauser Parabellums.

Are any other collectors planning to attend?

If so, let me know, we could visit for coffee, compare notes and perhaps talk about mutually helpful trades or sales of these pistols and accessories.

Best regards, Joe.

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Back a few years ago, I had a pair of postwar Parabellums. One was a 9mm Russian contract, another one was a 7.65mm Bulgarian contract. Reproductions, of course. Initially, I was excited, told my wife these could be inherited by kids. She told the kids, "Charlie and Alvin, come here take a look. Dad will give each of you a Luger in future!" The younger one didn't even care, he had no interest in any gun. The older one looked at them, obviously disappointed, "Not World War Two...I want a Nazi Luger, you know"

So, I sold them. The black plastic magazine bottom is very fragile. The guns were NIB, never fired, but one or two magazines had hairline cracks. The buyer was not happy on the magazines, so I gave him a few hundred dollar discount... Although the magazines are not numbered, it is very hard to find new factory magazines for sale though.
I fired a couple of Mauser Parabellums. Both were 9mm. One had Swiss style grip, another one was more P.08 like but had grip safety. Lots of fun in shooting. I fired many types of C&R handguns, only two types of pistols gave me special feeling in range: Parabellums and Broomhandles. Probably due to they don't have Browning style slides like a modern gun,,,, but Numbu does not have slide either and I didn't have any unique feeling on it.. so not sure why. Those two types are my favorites.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts