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I believe those are Fitz brand grips. They were popular with target shooters. Do you mind sharing the serial number of your pistol? I suspect it is < MT14XXX based on the markings. I'm compiling data on these for an article in The Rampant Colt. You can reply by email if you prefer.
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Your grips are not original to the Pustol. It would have come equipped with oversized one piece wraparound stocks, commomly called "Elephant Ear Grips" today. These are very rare. The pistol will also take regular 1st. series Woodsman stocks.

I have a 2nd series Match Target, Serial No: 1498-S (1948 production), with after market grips. if anyone can tell me where I can find a pair of early frame 2nd series grips I would appreciate it.
The grip frame was changed when Colt went from Coltswood Grips to an
injection molded plastic Grip. My pistol has the Coltswood frame.

See Pictures:

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Walter, recently I got from ebay the same target grips you have in you Colt, they not only feel good, the grip is definitely better, I wonder where they were made, they havo no makers name but they sure are a work of art

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For your records here's a Bullseye MT from my martial collection. Has Ordnance escutcheon, G.H.D. acceptance, serial number MT13964.

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