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I have a chance to buy an all matching late war commericial Walther PP with ac marked frame. Pistol has 99% metal finish, 2 matching mint mags, and a mint black PP holster. Whittington's vol 2 states that approximatly 1700 were produced. I was wondering what a fair price range for such a rig would be? I am asking because I have no experience with PP's, and I have never saw this variation for sale to allow me to judge the value.

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The going price for a run of the mill PP, w/o the holster is around the$350- $400.00 range. If it's as you discribe with the holster and mags. Figure $100+ for the holster+the rarity. My guess would be $500-$550 would be in the area. It's basicly worth what you'er willing to pay.
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