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Commercial P08

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A friend of mine told me there is a good Commercial 9 mm. N/Crown proofed P08 for selling. It's a # 556xx gun, and it HAS the hold open. I knew (Kenyon-Lugers at random) that only some specimens over 60000 could have the hold open device. Could someone help me to know better the matter before I go and look at the gun?
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Thanks for your fast and exaustive answer. I'll be able telling you how is the gun, even also I know already it does not bear any GERMANY stamp and probably neither any little proof near the pin (my friend told me the pin is not easily identifiable.

I got the gun.As you can see,it's a nice N/Crown proofed Commercial cal.9mm.P08 #55361.It's all matching(obviously the grips are not numbered),it has agood bore and it looks like the hold-open is original to the gun(non retro-fitted).It's really difficult to identificate the hold-open pin;I took a pic where,if you make an effort,you can see it.
But the most unusual pattern is the sear bar.It has been reworked to be in accordance with the "Abzugsstange neuer Art"pattern(after 1916 March the 4th).So now we have a P08 with a relieved(and numbered!!) sear bar like a military P08 of mid-1916 or later vintage.Lucky the numbers on the sear bar are similar to the other small ones
on the gun but non identical.This is everyway not unusual,but gives us the possibility of thinking that the sear bar was modified (at least in 1916 or later) by a second line weapons-repair workshop for the owner(an officier-a very careful to the tecnical developments of the P08s guy!).Quite sure it was not reworked by the factory:at the DWM they should have never put any serial numbers on such a part of a commercial gun,and also the bluing on the rework area should be very better.
Coming back to the hold-open device:is it possible that such a guy asked to the DWM firm to deliver an hold-open equiped gun(and they did it) even also the first known such guns run over #60k?
Any opinion about my fantasy?

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It has been a great pleasure and a honour for me to random my personal opinion with your very large knowledge and helpfulness!
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