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In the previous post the topic of commercial long P-08’s was raised. Although it wasn’t exactly stated, a distinction between commercials that started as commercials and commercials that were recycled military models was alluded to.

My question is about the later, specifically, this weekend I had the opportunity to examine an Erfurt that was stamped “Germany” twice on the left frame and I think once on the right barrel extension. It was also obviously refinished to near 100% and had “minty” looking grips on it as well. Whoever refinished it did a very nice job as all the edges were still sharp as were all the proof marks and numbers.

If anyone has any ideas about valuation on a Long P-08 that; A. has those ‘Germany” import marks on it, and B. not original finish but not all polished down and ruined either I would be grateful for your thoughts on the subject.


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Rich, this is one of those open subjects, because it depends on who and when the gun was refinished.

After WW1, thousands of lugers were refinshed and sent to America. This also happened after WW2 through the 50's...

Anytime it is obvious a gun has been refinished, the value drops, but like I said, who did it? Was it by a company here in america or by a German gov't arsenal?


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Commercial artilleries are pretty scarce and the values can go "all over the board". Here are some examples that I have had experiance with.

I have a military with the date removed but military proofed and no "GERMANY" stamp. It has a mismatched take-down lever. I paid $1700 for it three months ago.

I have another military dated 1915 and marked "GERMANY". This one came with three matching mags, a matching stock with 1915 holster. The whole rig is near mint. I'm sure it was put together by the German exporter in the 20s. I bought this rig in 1998 and paid $5000 for it.

Stoeger artilleries in good condition go for about $4000-$5000. I sold one last year that was only about 50% for $1600. Check both Simpson and Shattuck for their prices.
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