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I recently purchased a commercial Luger and question what it exactly is. Here are some details:

• Toggle marked DWM
• Chamber is not dated
• 30 caliber
• Barrel length is 3 7/8”
• Frame and the upper receiver are the same length. There is no overlap.
• Grip Safety. The safety lever well is marked GESICHERT in the bottom corner.
• The grip safety appears original and there is no evidence that it was welded or added later.
• The angle of the sear bar does not match the reverse angle of the grip safety. The sear bar has the forward angle of a thumb safety.
• Extractor is marked GELADEN (left side)
• No Stock Lug and it does not appear to be ground-off. The rust bluing in that general area is consistent with the rest of the Luger.
• Wood Bottom magazine, which is stamped Germany. It is nickel plated.
• Crown N (upright) on the left side of the receiver and under the barrel (above the serial number).
• There is a hold open devise. It is not numbered.
• The grips are slotted for the grip safety. They are not stamped or marked on either of the back sides.
• Serial Number is 821XX on the frame and barrel. The last two digits of the serial number are also stamped on the bottom edge of the side plate, bottom edge of the take down lever, left side of the trigger and on the rear toggle link (behind the rear sight).
• Right side of the receiver is stamped “1202”
• “Germany” is stamped in the following three places:
o Left Side of Frame
o Left side of receiver (to the right of the Crown N)
o Bottom of magazine

The overall condition is about 95% and the strawing (trigger, safety, ejector and take down lever) is about 90% to 92%. The bore is mint.

Based on the high serial number, it is probably not a 1913 commerial. I assume it might be some type of a 1923 Commercial or Weimer commercial re-work.

Does anybody have any idea what it might be? I will try to post pictures later as I just purchased a new camera.
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