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I would appreciate your comments on a suggestion to add a contributing collectors list to the CENTRAL POWERS PISTOLS heading above. This will lend the contributing collectors name to credit the site and give credit to the hard working contributing collectors that make this site the excellent site that it is. The contributing collectors list is preliminary and has not been finalized. If you want your real name used instead of your “handle” or if want your name deleted from the list please let me know. Also, I would be glad to hear from experts that have not posted in the section but plan to in the future. (The order of Contributing Collectors was determined arbitrarily by total site posts. While such a list can never be perfect, it successfully represents the largest part of the work of Contributing Collectors. )
"Contributing collectors: John James, Fritz, eroane, bayard1908, FNitis, PAOLO, Doug G, C. Brown, Douglas Jr, lugerlou, broten"

Contributing Collectors are determined by posts. They range from world class experts, to experienced collectors, to well read collectors. They encouraged the exchange of historically accurate pistol information. This will range from posting information, posting photographs, answering questions, and encouraging new members. Because of their hard work this site is the excellent site that it is.

At the beginning of the new year (2004) the listing of contributing collectors will be finalized and added to the CENTRAL POWERS PISTOLS heading (in the gray), assuming no technical difficulties. It will be up dated when appropriate.”
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Mr. Still,

I have no problem at all. In fact, I´d be flattered.

Happy New Year.

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