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On the German marked Hi-Power I posted pics of earlier, I now find a couple of other markings I wonder about. As Orv Reichert pointed out it had some British firing proofs on the barrel. Also appearing there is the crown over BNP marking which is also on the slide just behind the ejection port. In my copy of "Zeichen auf Handfeurwaffen" by Gargela and Faktor it is listed as a smokeless powder proof of the Birmingham proof house. This would seem to indicate to me that the lanyard ring now attached to the pistol is a British police (military?) addition, rather than French. What use did the British put captured Hi-Powers to after the war? Other opinions?

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I don't know one way or the other whether the British made any post-war use of captured German firearms but I have never heard of it. However, by British law, any firearm that enters the country must be proofed even if it is just in transit. So, it is possible that the French added the lanyard ring and then when they surplused the weapon it went to Britain first before it made it's way to the States.
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