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I came across this little cutie this week. Quite a sight !! But not a handfull as it is very small.....I did not ( and still do not ) know what it was but German quality was obvious: deep bluing, nice polishing & lots of C/N Proofs. One piece frame ( no moving slide ). Brown plastic grips. Very short barrel, 6.35mm Cal. Safety lever on left side. Mag is about 2 inch high and mag release button is on the frontstrap ( ?? )No sights, just a ``top groove`` in slide.

I am quite curious to have info on this ``MANN`` marked 6.35mm pistol....Anybody knows about these ??

Sadly, I was not able to buy it and nobody will as........``Great Canadian Gun Laws`` will take care of it.....in the crusher.......


Download Attachment: Mann Angled Lft.JPG

Download Attachment: Mann Rgt.JPG

Download Attachment: Mann Bbl Proof.JPG

Download Attachment: Mann Chamber Proof.JPG

Download Attachment: Mann Rec Proof.JPG

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I too am fascinated by the MANN. I have owned several, but shot only one. (I have to at least try anything I own!). The thing actually "bit" me!! If you have meaty hands, the web of your hand gets caught in between the cocking piece and the frame as it fires. Also, a very difficult pistol to fully disassemble. I have done it once, but from now on I only take out the barrel for cleaning. It is a real conversation piece when collectors get together. There is no way under Canadian Law that you can possess that pistol???

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