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Hi Jan, thanks for the reply. On the left side frame above the sear spring pin, in fairly large numbers (larger than the serial number) is '43'. Aft of the serial number on the frame is eagle over 88. On the right side of the barrel, forward of the locking block, is 'B58' with what looks like an asterisk in front of the 'B'. On the locking block right side is eagle over 88, and on the left side is eagle over swastika. Also on the left slide [edit: oops, I mean left SIDE], forward of the locking block is eagle over 88 and aft of the locking block another eagle over swastika. Finally, the right side of the slide has eagle over 88/eagle over swastika/eagle over 88.

Is 43 the date, or just a coincidence? The books that I have all say that cyq pistols are not date coded.

Thanks again.
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