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this is the only known example of a "hlv" 43 dated P.38 holster that was made by "hlv" which was not a FN HP holster.

holster front.JPG

holster rear.JPG
The service pistol indicator is indeed on the upper right corner but in this case runs vertically instead of horizontal. Apparently the regulations were not clear enough to preclude such an effort. The markings which if not determined are "hlv" and waffenamt WaA668.

holster markings.JPG

pistol left side.JPG
The slide shows where machining was not completed as marks are presnt on slide which run vertically and shows that production was beginning to ramp up shortly.
slide markings.JPG
The "cyq" stamping clearly shows that it is indeed a "cyq" stamp and not a "cvq" as found on some later models.

cyq mark.JPG

pistol right side.JPG

slide proofs right side.JPG
The magazines show that two different sub contractors were employed when making these two magazines as witinessed by the two different spot welds. Hopefully, one can see where the original magazine on the left that came with the gun has the horizontal draw marks on the magazine sidewall which indicates an early version .


magazine proofs.JPG


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Round weld spots 1,6 mm diameter indicates Spreewerk made magazine.
Oval weld spots 1,5 x 4 mm indicates Erste Nordböhmische (jvd marking not necessary!) made magazine. In my humble opinion, the magazine with round spots (right) is the original, because the Erste Nordböhmische started production in 1944 an the non prefix cyq is 1942.
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