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Brown Wood Rectangle Beige Natural material

Wood Hardwood Wood stain Rectangle Bumper

Wood Revolver Hardwood Rectangle Metal

Wood Table Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Gun accessory Rectangle

Automotive tire Wood Sports equipment Road surface Asphalt

Tool Rectangle Wood Automotive lighting Handle

Automotive lighting Handle Tin Rectangle Household hardware

Wood Air gun Grey Trigger Gun barrel

Air gun Guitar accessory Wood Trigger String instrument accessory

Revolver Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel

My first WWII pistol purchase, this would be the one that sent me down the rabbit hole. Correct me if I am wrong but here goes my analysis: Spreewerk, April 44 manufacture date, numbers matching 4468 0(including locking block), e88 proofs on left side of barrel & frame, 2 on the right side of slide with acceptance mark. The question I have is what is the 511(3rd pic from bottom) center above the grip frame, left side?

What are your thoughts on condition(looking for honesty, you wont hurt my feelings, it was too cheap not to buy)? I am not much good at figuring % blue, id call it 50-70%. Taking pics trying to focus on the markings is not for the faint of heart.

As for the magazine. Proper ENM welds on left, presumably no other markings. See pics below, there is an e88 but it is so small it shouldnt count, center bottom.
Wood Trunk Artifact Rectangle Font

Brown Wood Rectangle Kitchen utensil Beige

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Plank Tints and shades


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Regular byf Luger is not expensive unless it is a Black Widow or "ku". But a nice original regular one still costs $2k plus. Maybe OK to shoot a few rounds, but it's not for frequent shooting either. Black Widow is absolutely no shooting due to the fragile grips.
Red grip cyq is pretty. This one... I fired 24 rounds 115gr from it, it worked perfectly. Made in 1943.

Photograph White Air gun Trigger Line
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If you like P.38, but not a dedicated P.38 collector, cyq is the ONLY one reasonably priced in today's market. ac and byf are expensive. And 1.. many cyq were well made too, 2.. all P.38s look pretty much same except markings. Of course, dedicated P.38 collectors have totally different vision on it.

This nice cyq looks great. Inexpensive.

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