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cyq s/n/ 030 - date?

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picked this up at the gun show today, cyq p-38 with capture papers. all matching and serial number is 030. the only stamp on the right hand side of the slide is a 'eagle over swastika.'

Download Attachment: p-38_030.JPG

can someone put an approximate date of manufacture to this serial number?

thanks all
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Early April 1945. Zero series is the last series mad till the war ends.
That gun #030 was reported three times before...It was a Ukrainian export when first reported from Germany in 2001...?

folks were advertising phony capture docs on Ebay...they would even type them for you with a proper typewriter from that period.

I have seen photos of the gun...and it definitely was 'dipped'

Remember...it is a jungle out there!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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