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CZ 24 Holster Question

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I recently purchased a leather holster that was advertised on Ebay and it is intended for my CZ 24. It's in great shape and so far I can easily see the Czech rampant lion and the date 1925 stamped in blue ink. There are several other ink stamp markings but so far I have not been able to read them completely. This leads me to my question; is there a process or technique that brings up these stampings to greater clarity without damage to the marks or the leather. Have any of you tried viewing these stampings under a "black light"? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Are they faint on clear leather, or is the leather covered with a bloom of soapy, whitish substance? My 1935 vz24 holster was white on the rough inside. I rubbed it gently with tissues, and the stamps appeared, including the makers stamp.
Dear jacobtowne, Thank you for acknowledging my question. The ink stampings are faint on clear leather as if they were carelessly applied with unequal pressure or the ink not sufficiently applied to the stamp surface to give a totally legible imprint. Whoever applied the steel die imprint did so with gusto as the Imprint is deep and clear reading "T6A". Again, Skip

Unless the holster is like Jacobtowne mentioned I do not know how to improve the stamps. The 1925 dated holsters are really tough to find. Most are of the 1935, 1937 and 1938 vintage. Any Vz-24 holster in decent shape is a great find!

Robert, thank you for your comments on the CZ 24
holster. I spent time with a high intensity lamp
and magnifing glass today and will post what I
found and hopefully I am close enough that you
may be able to help me further. There are four
stampings in a line running left to right across
the holster flap as follows: the rampant lion;
a rectangle with rounded corners with O S I and the
date 1925 under the letters; next is a circle with
the letters S at the top and M K under the S; and a
rectangle with the letter D. at the top and letters
E. Sv. printed under the D. A separate rectangular
shape is faintly imbossed into the leather above the
lion with MLM-Either C or G(the dash is a letter I
can't make out. Under these letters and still inside
the rectangle are what I believe are the letters BRNO.
This last rectangle is partially covered by a very
clear and deeply imbossed set of three figures T 6 A .
Please excuse the length of my post but in this
case a photo would not be any clearer. Also I haven't
mastered my new camera. Thanks again for any and all
help. Skip
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