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Robert, thank you for your comments on the CZ 24 holster. I spent time with a high intensity lamp and magnifing glass today and will post what I found and hopefully I am close enough that you
may be able to help me further. There are four stampings in a line running left to right across the holster flap as follows: the rampant lion; a rectangle with rounded corners with O S I and the
date 1925 under the letters; next is a circle with the letters S at the top and M K under the S; and a rectangle with the letter D. at the top and letters E. Sv. printed under the D. A separate rectangular shape is faintly imbossed into the leather above the
lion with MLM-Either C or G(the dash is a letter I can't make out. Under these letters and still inside the rectangle are what I believe are the letters BRNO.
This last rectangle is partially covered by a very clear and deeply imbossed set of three figures T 6 A .
Please excuse the length of my post but in this case a photo would not be any clearer. Also I haven't mastered my new camera. Thanks again for any and all help. Skip
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