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CZ 24 Informatin needed

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I have recently placed a CZ 24 "on hold" after much searching for an early serial number, all matching numbers and an attractive finish and wooden grips in solid condition. I would appreciate information from Jan "Hoba" Balcar and as many others of you as can help as to front grip strap markings "3D12"; serial number 44119, manufactured 1926. I would especially appreciate information as to where this artillery regiment served and its commander, etc. Any and all info appreciated as I am just now looking at this period and region of world history. Thanks and best regards, Carlton "Skip" Pott
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Hello Skip! Third Light Artillery Regiment was located in Litomerice, commanding officer Lt.-Col. Frantisek STURM.
Litomerice is very nice old (founded 933!) town. More info about Litomerice on http://www.litomerice.cz/ .
16th Infantry Regiment was located in Roznava http://www.roznava.sk/ (Slovakia), C.O. Col.Bruno SEITS. 4H means
4th Mountain Infantry Regiment located in Presov http://www2.presov.sk/portal.php (Slovakia), C.O. Lt.-Col. Ladislav FORBELSKY.
H 216 is unknown to me. No number priorthe H letter?

11P is 11th Infantry Regiment name "Frantisek Palacky", Located in Pisek http://pisek.aktualne.cz/index.htm (Bohemian: near Tyn nad Vltavou), commanding officer Lt.-Col. Jan NOSEK.

44P is 44th Infantry Regiment, Located in Liberec http://www.liberec.cz/pages/omeste/omeste.htm , commanding officer Col. Arnost HRBENSKY.
Modar: What about CZ vzor 38 are you looking for?
Modar: The first 200 CZ vzor 38 pistols were praparde to delivery to the Army in February 1939. Delivered and proofed March 6th -11th, 1939.

Vzor 38 Czech Army Contract 1939 - captured by Germans
March - September: 16 115 pistols
October: 8 000 pistols
November: 8 000 pistols
December: 8 885 pistols
Total: 41 000 pistols SN range 250 000 - 290 999
1731 pistols sold to Finland

Vzor 38 Rad (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Contract 1940
July: 300 pistols
December: 700 pistols
Total: 1000 pistols
SN range unknown to me.

Vzor 38 Luftwaffe Contract
3 000 pistols in SN range 240 000 - 242 999??

The German occupation of our country caused that all the pistols were captured and used by German forces. As far as I know they were mostly used by RAD, Todt Organisation and by Luftwaffe.

The another chapter is CZ vzor 37 contract. Vzor 37 is SA/DA pistol fitted with safety lever.

Vzor 37 Bulgarian Police Contract: 1940 - 1941
December 1940: 241 pistols
January 1941: 759 pistols
November 1941: 1400 pistols
Total: 2400 pistols in verisimilar SN range B 291 000 - 293 999

About WaA 76 appearance I have no informations, CZ vzor 37 & 38 pistols are very (VERY) rare.
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In WW II times was Czechoslovakian Republic divided in two parts: Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren (occupied by Germans) and Slovakian State (Hitler's ally. Slovakian State was in eyes of the law in war with US). Czech Army was dissolved by Germans. Only a minor part of the former personnel goes over to Protectorate Government Army (Vladni vojsko). The number of Army bases was diminished and the structure was changed. All dislocations I mentioned are valid for pre WW II times.
To JT:
Mähren is Moravia, eastern part of our conutry.

To Mauserdad:
53D means 53rd Light Artillery Regiment (Delostrelecky pluk) was located in Lipnik (Moravia), C/O col. Jaroslav HRON (1926)
J7 means 7th Cavalry Regiment located inHodonin (Moravia), C/O lt.col. Gustav DOHNAL (1925)
The original Czech holster was made only for trial purposes in unknown number. One is in Army Museum Prague. The shape is similar to CZ 24 holster. The only picture I have has copyright and I must ask the owner for permit.
The picture is here: Holster together with wooden dummy.

Download Attachment: 001.jpg
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