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CZ 24 information needed

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I have a friend who is trying to identify this CZ 24 pistol, any help would be appreciated:

-.380 cal
-right side is marked cz in circle, J Lion
-right side also has Finn property mark of SA in box
-right side has S/N 132435
-left side has SA in box stamp only
-top rib marked CESKA ZBROJOVKA A.S.v PRAZE 132435 LION
-Barrel has Czech lion proof but also a K in a circle like I've seen
on all my Mosin Nagant rifles. Also has matching S/N.
-under grips on the frame is a K in a circle marking twice.
-Magazine has no marking on bottom but has the SA in box stamp.
-Lanyard ring present
-Grips are brown plastic with diamond checkering and CZ logo.
They appear more mottled brown than later ones.


How did Finn markings get on it?
Also what is the K marking?

Thanks for your help.

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Mark, Handguns of the World states that several hundred 24s were sold to Lithuania 1929-1934. Could it be a capture pistol? They report, also that several Tokarevs were captured and Finnish marked. I may be incorrect in this, but I think the Finns moved into Lithuania during the war.
You have an example of a CZ24 sent to Finland by Germany after they overran Czechoslovakia. Finland was short on arms and Nazi Germany helped out to stem the Bolshevik tide. Finland declared these surplus in the late 70's, (I think) and most made their way to the US. With the Finnish marking they are fairly rare, I sold one about two years ago trade/cash for about $400.00 US.

Hello All,
The only thing I don't understand is the K in a circle proof on the barrel{firing proof} and same marking under grips on frame. The only other marks I've seen just like it are barrel proofs on Russian weapons. I haven't seen Czech weapons with it.
Out of curiosity, what is the year of manufacture? It should be on the left side of the slide at the rear.
I was able to locate two references to your circle K marking. First in "A Collectors Guide to Tokarev Pistols" lists the "Circle K" as a Russian proof used on Tokarev Pistols from 1933 to 1943. I was also able to locate it in "Gunmarks, Third Edition" as a Russian shotgun pattern check mark. So, could be Russian.
Send me an email and I will send you a photo of one used on a Tokarev for you to check.
On the Cz-24 barrel this is a very common marking that I have assumed to be the manufacturers marking. I would expect that the marking belongs to a barrel maker in the then Czechoslovakia.

Hello Everyone,
Mark was kind enough to ask the questions for me since I didn't even know about this site. I have since registered.
The circle K could be the barrel makers code but it also appears in two places on the frame under the grips. It is exactly like the Soviet proof marking. The gun is dated 37.
This is a great site! Thanks for the help.

During World War II Finland obtained Czechoslovakian pistols through Germany. These were captured during the 1938/1939 German occupation of Czechoslovakia and sold to Finland during World War II.
This from a post by Jan Still on 10/06/2003 On Axis Pistols forum.Do a search for "CZ 24 unit marks"
Stan decided he did not want the SA marked CZ 24 so I recently took it off his hands.


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