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Presented for your viewing is one of my favorites[ aren't they all] from out of my collection which unfortunately has many clones out there. Please pay particular attention to some of the details as it could possible save you some lenghtly discourse and possible discomfort. In my limited travels I have observed what I considered to be only two original examples of this variation. On the other hand , have observed a half a dozen questionable examples.

Download Attachment: cz24 KM holster front.JPG
248.21KB Unfortunately , this holster was originally brown but was dyed black somewhere along its way after it left the manufacturer.

Download Attachment: cz24 KM holster rear.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 KM holster exposed.JPG
219.45KB If one looks closely he will see what appears to be lint or small shinny objects on the magazine pouch sidewall. These are not lint but small metal fragments , produced by spalling from an explosion. Don't quite understand the pattern , but there you have it for what its worth.

Download Attachment: cz24 KM holster marks.JPG
161.5KB Sources tell me that this firm was located in the upper lower regions of Siliesa.

Download Attachment: cz24 left side.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 right side.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 KM mark.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 front gripstrap.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 mag sidewalls.JPG

Download Attachment: cz24 mag bases.JPG
254.42KB Intersting in that the Kriegsmarine used the Czech variation of the unmarked CZ27 magazines for this pistol rather than a CZ24 magazine.
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