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CZ-27 and holster

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Just got this last weekend in a trade. This is the first CZ-27 that I have owned, but for some strange reason I like it! What can you guys tell me about it. When was it made? Secondly the holster it came with is a Police type, but for what? My PPK fits nicely, but the PP, HSC & 38H are too big.

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The most I can tell you is that yours is a pretty early high polish blued CZ with a Police Holster made for a Behorden Model (1930) Sauer!!

My info says made in mid-1942?...what do you think, Jan?

I will date the pistol to the April May 1942 time frame.

Be carefully with these Cz's they grow on ya and before long they are like rabbits and you have dozens of them.

Dave, Orv & Robert thanks for dating my gun. Could the holster also work for a Police PPk? I tried mine in it and it fit perfectly.

Robert, I hope that they do not reproduce at the rate my Luger collection did. If so I am in DEEP trouble!

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Doug, Nice Collection, however, I think you need a few more Artillerys to balance things out!! :)) A PPK fits in my holster also, but extremely tight. I'm sure it is for a Sauer Behorden as they were Police also.

I have just the opposite problem, except I do not have any Lugers. I want one decent example of the most common wartime gun. My Cz collection is a lot like your Luger collection.

Download Attachment: My_Collection_2000.jpg

This is a photo a few years ago. It has grown since then

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Robert, I think you and I have a problem! I am thinking of going to Lugers anonymous to kick the habit! Maybe will branch out into small cal side arms?
By the way, VERY nice CZ collection!
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