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I wish to exhibt an example of early Czech workmanship and was just before the waffenamted series of P.Mod.27's in 1941. Although the Germans had control of the plant for 3 years or more they did not produce the quantities that one would have thought pre-war. Something about having only German made arms which Hitler insisted upon till demands determined otherwise.Trust you will enjoy it as much as I have for it is one of my favorites.

holster front.JPG

holster rear.JPG
The cut in the holster body was done to facilitate easier removal of pistol. Whether was done at manufacturer or original owner is specualtion but would suspect that owner had difficulties withdrawing pistol so he introduces some enhancements.

holster exposed.JPG Here is an example of the rare vertical stitching that was done by a master sadderly maker. Only example known to me. Whether this man was Jewish or elderly is not known but workmanship is superb and short lived apparently.

magazine pouch.JPG

pistol left side.JPG
I would think that the production date would be later in the fall of 1941 but perhaps others would have details more exact than my deductions.

trigger guard date.JPG

sideplate serial number.JPG

slide top markings.JPG

pistol right side.JPG

right frame serial number.JPG
Along with having unmarked magazine bases, the followers on Czech CZ-27's or very early German P.Mod.27's models also have a follower which does not show the spring through a slot on rear of follower inside the magazine well. These are becoming very difficult to find here of late.

magazine followers.JPG


P.Mod.27 mag bottoms.JPG
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