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When I first saw this CZ 27, serial number 270698, I assumed the grips were some kind of after market replacement. They are black, shiny, unmarked except for a round depression where the imprinted logo would usually be found, and they do not resemble any of the grips I have ever seen on this model pistol. However, lately I have been examining them more closely, and have become very impressed with their perfect fit. Another collector is convinced they are an authentic wartime variation. Has anyone encountered such grips before? Could they possibly be the one of a kind work of some master craftsman? Opinions and/or information welcome.

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I have seen this type of grip on three or four pistols besides this one. All were on what I will call the sanitized pistols. Most of these sanitized pistols start in the 526 xxx serial number range and are found scattered thru somewhere around the 538 xxx range. This puts these grips in the 1946 time frame so they are not war time grips.

The below photo is borrowed from Dennis Kroh's website where he shows the same grips on a Sanitized pistol. Not all of these Sanitized pistols have these kinds of grips, but all the pistols that do have these kinds of grips are very well worn, just like the example in the picture.

I would venture to guess that this pistol lost is grip to a worn out sanitized pistol and the old grips were put on this pistol.

I have a very well worn Sanitized pistol that these grips could go on if a trade was of interest.

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