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CZ 27 Holster ???

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I´m not quite sure, but for me the picture shows an Holster for the CZ 27. Am I wright??

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In my humble opinion is this holster too small (but right shaped - Czech pattern) for CZ vzor 27. A similar holster was made for CZ vzor 36 (6,35 mm, DAO).
The holster in question is undoubtably for a 6.35mm pistol and while a complete accurate picture is not shown [shadows] I would suspect that it could very well be for the CZ36.
It's not a 27 holster. Tiny holster, big flap. The soldier is'nt "pettit" himself. Holster appears to be Czech or even Italian. 6.35 Beretta?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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