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It is stamped BOHMISCHE WAFFENFABRIK A.G. IN PRAG (Wa) 228069 on top of slide. That is the only place with a serial number. It is all machined parts..except the mag catch and the safety release..which is broken. It is the German military finish and shows no wear..has the Wa76 above grip on right..and on the barrel. The machine marks are evident under the finish. The mag is stamped P Mod 27. The grips were perfect until the guy who was showing me the pistol couldn't get the mag removed..he used a screwdriver and chipped a hunk out of the rear of the grips before I could stop him. I ended up getting the pistol for $170 and repaired the grips..also have a line on a safety release from the trader board. The Cz's are multiplying...Cone Ten
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