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Presented here is the not often seen CZ 27 Police Military-Blue Variation which lacks the dated proof, indicating that the early police series were taken from a run for the civil market.

The pistol shows the police E/K acceptance stamp on the left side of the trigger guard and the barrel bears the typical WaA76 stamp.
The mag is numbered but don't match the pistol.

It's interesting, that this pistol appears unused.Most of the police pistols are "well used".

R.J. Berger states in his book on Czechoslovakian Pistols, that as much as 20% of the total production of 473000 CZ 27 pistols went to the German Police. I don't believe in this due to the rareness of these pistols.
I saw only four of them by myself.

What's your opinion ? Any answer will be appreciated.


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The data I have collected would support Berger’s 20% Police production. I have data on 91 Eagle K police guns, 69 dated guns and 22 none dated guns. With almost 500 datasheets on German occupation pistols and 91 of them police marked that is almost 20%. There are two basic variations of the none dated Eagle K guns. There are a number of fnh marked guns that are Eagle K marked as well as the earlier none fnh marked pistols like yours. Another neat thing about your pistol is that it is late in the switch from "Pistole Modell 27 Kal. 7,65" slide legend to the later "fnh Pistole Modell 27 Kal. 7,65". In my data there is only one serial number higher then yours with the older slide legend.

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