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CZ 27 with "U" + 4 digit number

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I hpoe I can get a definitive answer from the great "brain trust" posting on this forum. I have recently come upon a CZ 27 with the "U" xxxx number. I haven't latched on to this one yet (soon), so I'm not sure of the number. I have read that these are rare and that the "U" stands for UBUNG, supposedly meaning training. Is this the consensus or does anyone have another "idea". This pistol is in magnificent condition although it has the usual chip in the lower front of the grip. If it was used for training, obviously no one was trained....it has NO wear!! I have seen three others in the same condition. This one will sort of complete my collection of CZ 27's.

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I too am interested in the results of this conversation. It is my understand that these are the pre production pistols that would fall some where between serial number 20400 and 21700 if they were marked. I have data on 11 of these U marked guns ranging from U11xx to U32xx. If possible would you share the number of yours. Some of these pistol are very well used, but then again some are in very nice condition. I currently have U 1768 so if you want any comparisions or specific questions feel free to ask.

Robert, As I said before, the pistol is not yet in my possession, but should be pretty soon if all goes well. All I remember was that the number was four digits and began with 15xx. When and if I get it , I will give you the number.

This is one of the rarer Cz-27's that every Cz-27 collector ought to have.
Good thing Rob is keeping track of this stuff..the serial number data leads one to believe that olefogey has found a winner! rob thanks!
That is a nice one.
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