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CZ 38 magazine question

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Hello all. New to the forum and somewhat of a novice on collecting WW2 items.
My question is about the magazines for a CZ 38. I have a CZ 38 380acp, along with the P39(t) holster and three (3) magazines which I thought was odd.
Are the magazines supposed to be numbered or matching to the pistol?
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Welcome, No
Thank you for the response. I am just always worried about being taken advantage of being a novice.
Suppose it depends what country acquired the CZ 38.
P.S. just found this CZ38 - P.39(t) with matching mags
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Thank you guys for the responses. I'm just worried about being scammed on certain items I have little knowledge on. I'm so looking forward to learning and and participating in this forum.
Hi, and welcome to the forum.

While there is a small "SA" mark on my VZ.38 pistol's magazine (It was used by Finland) there is no numbering on it.

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I have acquired 4 CZ 38 magazines:
2 Unnumbered, no markings
1 Numbered & marked as I (shown above)
1 Modern Copy
Sounds great those magazines aren't necessarily easy to obtain.
My three magazines have no markings or numbers. One came with pistol and other two I bought from Warsaw Poland.
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