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CZ22 unit mark info.? for Hoba

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What can you tell me about a unit mark on a CZ22 it is 36P 118.

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36 th infantry Regiment, 1922 located in Uzhorod (former Czechoslovak territory, now Ukraine), commanding officer Lt.Col. Ferdinand PLACHY.
41 th infantry Regiment, 1922 located in Zilina (former Czechoslovak territory, now Slovakia), commanding officer Lt.Col. Emil GERYK.
The last recorded German vz. 27 known to me is 472 575. the first CZ 27 with Lion 45 proof is SN 474 251. Between this two SN are WaA and Lions mixed. The ALL (except the "U" SN´s) CZ 27 were numbered in one row. Last recorded SN known to me is 621 876.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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