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CZ38 unit marking?

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Does anyone know what the marking ING 124 on the left hand side of the frame for a CZ38 stands for. Could it be a unit mark? The pistol is a late war P39t with the appropriate WaA76 markings and crude finish, 1940 hardshell holster and spare mag. However I've not heard or seen of one with those markings. I would like to add this one to my collection but concerned whether or not the frame marking is possibly post war east german. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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At the moment I can not tell you the firm's name , but believe your markings to be of a manufacturer's own security force.
Huggiebear, Thanks for the info. I assume that would be a post war marking and would negatively effect the value of the rig?
See Buxton book on P38's...Vol-3 Page 111:

this is most likely a Police Serial number added by Ingram County [Michigan]. I would bet there is no SN on the frame? If so, the cops would add the ING + number to the frame to conform to American law.

I used to own a Mod HP that had the SN removed...then CII and a 4 digit number was stamped on it by the Cal State CII dept.


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Orv, thanks for the feedback. That makes all the sense in world as the gun has no serial number. You can't transfer a gun without some form of identifying number. You guys are living proof that it's better to ask questions before buying. I thought it was a unit mark which would be consistant with the premium being asked for the rig. However I now know better.
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