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Hi folks,

I couldn't buy it so thought I would alert others to its availability. Sol's Pawn Shop north of downtown Omaha has a complete 1944 Czech DUO rig, with what looks like the period correct late war black holster (generic small pistol, I suspect, cause it is a bit oversized) with extra magazine. Looks like 98% blue finish on the DUO. The price was a very reasonable $150 but I could not buy it as I wanted to use my C&R license and the seller said because it was a "modern gun and doesn't have any military markings" it was not a C&R. If I had my copy of regulations with me, I might have shown them to him but I wasn't that motivated or interested so I hope some other collector gets this one. It was nice but the real attraction is the holster which was unmessed with (not oily, soaped, Pec'd, covered in tomato sauce, cut to make a Palladin quick-draw, or otherwise tinkered to death). The mags looked great and the pistol had what the seller said was a new bore.

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