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On February 15th, I posted "CZ 24 Holster Question" asking if there
was a safe process of enhansing light or faded ink markings and several of you were kind enough to respond. Later in that chain I
asked a totally unrelated question about identifying the markings
when I should set up a new topic. Jan "Hoba" Balcar, and others who can help, would you kindly respond to the second part of my Feb 15
posting as I have no idea what all of these markings mean. Many
thanks. Skip

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Skip, go to the orginal posting, highlight it, and copy it and paste it here. Referring back to an old posting is a lot of work for someone, when you need the info.


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Robert, thank you for your comments on the CZ 24
holster. I spent time with a high intensity lamp
and magnifing glass today and will post what I
found and hopefully I am close enough that you
may be able to help me further. There are four
stampings in a line running left to right across
the holster flap as follows: the rampant lion;
a rectangle with rounded corners with O S I and the
date 1925 under the letters; next is a circle with
the letters S at the top and M K under the S; and a
rectangle with the letter D. at the top and letters
E. Sv. printed under the D. A separate rectangular
shape is faintly imbossed into the leather above the
lion with MLM-Either C or G(the dash is a letter I
can't make out. Under these letters and still inside
the rectangle are what I believe are the letters BRNO.
This last rectangle is partially covered by a very
clear and deeply imbossed set of three figures T 6 A .
Please excuse the length of my post but in this
case a photo would not be any clearer. Also I haven't
mastered my new camera. Thanks again for any and all
help. Skip

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Dear Weimar Police, Thank you for the suggestion to move my old
post forward. With a little help, I made it! "Skip"

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Here are some photos of some of my holsters.

Download Attachment: 1926.jpg

Bohemian lion over O.S. 1 over 1925 in a round cornered box over S over Hk in a circle over D.V. in a round cornered box

There is a manufacuturers marking O. D. osl. L. Praha in a Box

There is a DPS 1 marking and a P.39.A in a Box

Download Attachment: 1935.jpg
Bohemian lion over a box containing a ?. O.S. 1. over 1926 over the Leter M in a circle over what appears to be a % in a Box.

This holster also has a steel stamp DPS1 over a line over AS

There is also a partial steel stamp marking ending with 2A over 8

Download Attachment: 1936.jpg

This one has a steel stamp marking with the Bohemian lion followed by 1936 followed by a 4 digit number. This holster is odd in that it is unit marked PUV 2. There is a steel stamp with the makers mark TARA in an oval. The letter A is also marked with a steel stamp. There are other markings A6A and D107 in a box.

Download Attachment: 1937.jpg

Ink stamped with the Bohemian lion, followed by 1937 in a box followed by a four digit number.

There holsters known to have dates of 1938 as well. Also variations with the date in a box in both a horizontal box as well as a vertical box

If I understand the marking correctly the OS is a central stores. I would assume that OS1 is a large central store that accepted the holster into Czech service and is thusly marked.

I hope this helps,


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Robert, thanks for sharing pictures of the holster markings
as several are very similar to mine and the shapes of the
marking enclosures are the same as mine. I appreciate seeing
the similarity as it verifies the authenticity of the markings.
If you know, did the black CZ24 holsters start out life black
in color or were they dyed black to match uniform changes???
Regards, Skip.

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Two of these were dyed black after assembly. One was made from the start as black. One is all brown. Some time a go a lot of the dyed black holsters came out of Europe. The top two I ahve photos of are these holsters. Very very nice condition. Must have been a shore house full of them. Most holsters I have seen are the brown holsters.

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