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Deaths Head Rework

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I'm a daily lurker on this discussion forum, and find it very informative.

Tomorrow, I have an opportunity to purchase a Deaths Head Rework (1918 date). All serial numbers match excluding the magazine. Condition is yet to be seen, but the price, so far, is set at $1,400.

Does anyone have any input regarding these guns, and do you have any recommendations as to what I should look for when reviewing the pistol?

Much appreciated.
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20 years ago, I owned a 1918 Erfurt with a deaths head above the date(Vol I page 106 and 107 and Imperial Lugers page 153; where they are discussed.). There was no evidence of rework. There are numerous fakes. The designation was always in question. I sold it and never replaced it because of questions concerning how to establish criteria for a real one.

Because of the difficulty of differentating a real deaths head Luger from a fake, I would be very cautious in approaching such a purchase.

There are also holsters bearing a deaths head. On page 147 of "The Luger Pistol" by Vries and Marten such a holster is shown worn by a "SS Feldgendarmerie" according to the caption. One of the worlds foremost researchers of the deaths head Lugers frequents this site.
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